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Antigua and B. VoIP Rate Exchange

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Antigua and B. VoIP Rate Exchange

Antigua and B. VoIP Rate Exchange

Antigua and B. VoIP Rate Exchange

Routes in Antigua and B.

Checkbox 0.01 $

RKTelecom 0.0191 $

Neo 0.0208 $

voice-calls 0.0221 $

Ding Communication S.R.L. 0.026 $


Divox International Inc. 0.0915 $

Neuron 0.1 $

Altokom 0.114 $

Glovi 0.114188 $

Voiceall 0.116 $

Endstream Communications 0.1171 $

newik.net 0.1216 $

Sedel Telecom 0.1404 $

Skyfair Network Tech. Ltd. 0.1419 $

SOYO Group, Inc 0.18 $

Quivoice 0.199622 $

Skynetcall 0.2 $

MeritCall Telecommunication 0.20685 $

Rising Era Marketing - VoxNow! 0.224 $

Call IT ApS (ADPHONE) 0.256 $

MundiPhone 0.2633 $

Internet 0.496 $

DIDXchange.com 1 $

mahamud 1 $

GULFSIP 15.8 $


Mzansi Telecoms and Projects 0.12 $

atec.us 0.1211 $

VoIP Routes 0.1232 $

Laczone Technologies 0.1269 $

DDI Gateway 0.1271 $

ABC-VoIP Ltd. 0.132 $

VoIPdito 0.178 $

Virtual Supports Technology 0.1908 $

Allobox 0.225 $

Witura Corporation Sdn Bhd 1 $



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