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Press release IP Business Solutions

2005-10-12 New York Medical Group Streamlining Patient Service, Lowering Costs with VoIP Services from Level 3 Communications & IP Business Solutions

Represents One of the Industry's Largest VoIP Installations to Date

NEW YORK and BROOMFIELD, Colo., August 23, 2004 - The Queens-Long Island Medical Group, P.C. (QLIMG), is streamlining patient service while lowering communications costs with VoIP services from Level 3 Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:LVLT) and IP Business Solutions (IPBS), a New York-based VoIP supplier and Level(3)EnabledSM Partner.

IPBS is supplying Level 3's (3)ToneSM Business service (IPBS' IPConnect Hosted IP Communication Solution) to 1,500 members of QLIMG, a physician-owned medical group, which staffs and operates 21 medical center offices throughout Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. IPBS is also supplying Level 3 high-speed Internet access and metropolitan private line services. The sale represents one of the industry's single, largest business VoIP installations to date.

By enabling QLIMG to consolidate multiple networks for voice and data into one converged network, the new VoIP services will allow the medical group to significantly lower its capital and operating costs. The Level 3 global network, which is optimized end-to-end for Internet Protocol (IP) technology, was built from the ground up with convergence in mind - that is, to carry voice, data, and video services.

"Voice and data communications over Level 3's advanced IP network can reduce costs and drive productivity gains for companies in many industries, including healthcare, as well as banking, construction, real estate, and retail," said John Leoniak, chief executive officer of IPBS. "We're pleased to be working with Level 3 to supply QLIMG with a high-quality, cost-effective VoIP solution, which we believe to be unsurpassed in today's marketplace."

"With the Level 3 VoIP services provided by IPBS, we"re already finding that we"re handling incoming calls more efficiently, which is resulting in streamlined patient service," said Stefanie Bruemmer, Director of IT at Queens Long Island Medical Group. "Weâ?™re also anticipating that the advantages of Level 3's voice and data services for our multi-site business will help lower our communications costs by up to 40 percent." She noted that the QLIMG, formed in 1991, employs about 1,700 people, including doctors, nurses, other health professionals, as well as technical, administrative, and clerical staff.

Level 3's (3)Tone Business service delivers low-cost, highly reliable local and long distance voice services to small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries, including healthcare. With (3)Tone Business service, IPBS customers such as QLIMG can manage their own telecommunications needs in real time, while saving significant capital and operating costs over more traditional alternatives such as PBX, IP-PBX, Key, or Centrex.

"QLIMG's purchase of Level 3's (3)Tone Business service through IPBS clearly indicates that our VoIP offerings represent a compelling value proposition for our partners and their end users,� said Andrew Crouch, senior vice president of Enterprise VoIP Services for Level 3. �As IPBS continues its push into the New York business VoIP market, we look forward to sharing in their success.�

Level 3's (3)Tone Business service comprises a suite of enhanced voice and data services hosted on the Level 3 nationwide platform. (3)Tone Business easily connects all company locations and remote employees with the same dialing plan, creating a virtual campus environment, allowing intra-company 4- or 5-digit dialing and forwarding of calls and voicemail messages between locations. With (3)Tone Business, users can manage all of their office communications needs through any Internet access, browser, or wireless device.

Benefits of (3)Tone Business service include:

Combined capital and operating savings of up to 40 percent resulting from simple calling plans, free calls between locations and reduced operating costs;

Streamlined administration resulting from point-and-click tools, eliminating the need for costly maintenance and support;

Shared features resulting from a hosted environment, which ensures that businesses and their remote locations all operate on the same platform;

Enhanced functionality that is typically associated only with high-end PBX systems;

Scalability that allows new users to be added as businesses grow without having to buy new switches or cards.

For more information about Level 3's VoIP services, please visit www.Level3.com. For further information about IPBS, please visit www.ipbsolutions.com. For further information about QLIMG, please visit www.qlimg.com.

About Level 3 Communications

Level 3 (Nasdaq:LVLT) is an international communications and information services company. The company operates one of the largest Internet backbones in the world, is one of the largest providers of wholesale dial-up service to ISPs in North America and is the primary provider of Internet connectivity for millions of broadband subscribers, through its cable and DSL partners. The company offers a wide range of communications services over its 23,000 mile broadband fiber optic network, including Internet Protocol (IP) services, broadband transport and infrastructure services, colocation services, and patented Softswitch managed modem and voice services. Its Web address is www.Level3.com.

The company offers information services through its subsidiaries, Software Spectrum and (i)Structure. For additional information, visit their respective Web sites at www.softwarespectrum.com and www.i-structure.com.

About IP Business Solutions

IP Business Solutions, Inc. (IPBS) headquartered in New York, is a communications company backboned with Level 3 service that provides businesses ranging from five to 5,000 employees per location the ability to out-task or completely out-source IT infrastructure programs and projects using the most advanced and forward-looking technology available. Sales and service delivery capabilities in major North American markets across the United States are augmented through strategic partners to provide global coverage. We invite you to learn more about how IPBS can help your organization overcome IT challenges and achieve its business goals. IPBS can be reached at 866-260-9849, or online at www.ipbsolutions.com.


The Level 3 logo is a registered service mark, and Level(3)Enabled is a service mark of Level 3 Communications, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. (3)Tone is a service mark of Level 3 Enhanced Services, LLC in the United States and/or other countries. (3)Tone Business service is provided by Level 3 Enhanced Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Level 3 Communications, Inc.

Forward Looking Statement

Some of the statements made by Level 3 in this press release are forward-looking in nature. Actual results may differ materially from those projected in forward-looking statements. Level 3 believes that its primary risk factors include, but are not limited to: changes in the overall economy relating to, among other things, the September 11 attacks and subsequent events, substantial capital requirements; development of effective internal processes and systems; the ability to attract and retain high-quality employees; technology; the number and size of competitors in its markets; law and regulatory policy; and the mix of products and services offered in the company's target markets. Additional information concerning these and other important factors can be found within Level 3â?™s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Statements in this release should be evaluated in light of these important factors.


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