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Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

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KeenOcean Provide some direct routes: Vietnam, China,India,BD,UK,pak..have stable quality and reasonable rate.

Pls contact Excel: [email protected]

"UAE ISP(Govt.) Blocked VoIP,We solved this by Technology. Dont Worry, Still running VoIP service IN UAE. Take chance faster.Ofering Resellership.",

Nejcall offering worldwide VoIP service,

Bangladesh VoIP Route,

Middle East VoIP Solution,

A-Z wholesale route,

Block VoIP Solution in Middle-East,

UAE VoIP solution,

UAE running IP phone in UAE,

UAE running VoIP 2port Gateway device,

Termination, Origination,

Investment and expansion of VoIP Network

Tower Plc (AIM: TWR), the Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) service provider, announces that through its subsidiary Vyke AS it has invested in and installed a Cantata soft switch and gateways to extend Vyke’s coverage and increase the quality of its IP network.

Expansion of VoIP network and increased capacity

Tower Plc, through Vyke AS, has contracted and installed one of the market’s most advanced soft switches and gateway VoIP networks from Cantata Inc. The new soft switch will provide an IP connection on all pure IP inbound and outbound calls, eliminating the necessity to use the older software, hardware and equipment included in the acquisition of Maskina Communications Inc.

The immediate effect of the new installation of Excel CSP 2090 and Cantata IMG 1010 Integrated Media and Signalling Gateway will be higher quality on all calls made through Vyke, both VoIP and traditional circuit switched calls, as well as more efficient utilisation of all of Tower’s telecommunications equipment.

Jeff Becker, Tower’s Executive Vice President of Network Operation, stated: “The world voice market continues to migrate to competitive players who can handle VoIP originated and terminated traffic with a high level of reliability and service. Cantata provides next generation features and flexibility to allow us to stay competitive in today’s worldwide VoIP marketplace. We expect a large increase in traffic as our migration of minutes onto the Cantata network progresses in the coming months.”

Tower Plc strives to provide high quality, low cost networks and inexpensive international mobile communication services.


Tired of white routes/cheap price promises? Try our India, Dom Republic, Mexico NEA

We are offering a very good deal you cant resist;

For India:

ASR: 65%

PDD: 2-4 sec

ACD: 17mins

Capacity: 2DS3

For Dom Republic Mobile:

ASR: 55%

PDD: 3-5sec

ACD: 15mins

Capacity: 2DS3

Mexico NEA (all codes cover)

ASR: 65%

PDD: 3-5sec

ACD: 14mins

Capacity: 4DS3

We are also offering other VOIP Services like, Platforms, IVR, Dial 1-800 access, Softswitches, Installation and maintenance of Lucent gears, Billing Solutions, NOC Support

Payments accepted are as follows: EMS, Blue Escrow and Prepay only.

Serious buyers only.

Contact :

[email protected]

[email protected]


Perform all your data and telecom billing for only ?1495!

* Dynasoft Telefactura v3.52: Dynasoft TeleFactura is the definitive voice and data billing solution for voice/data service providers such as telecom and callshop operators, service distributors, and any company needing a full-featured solution to effortlessly manage and control the access of their voice and data customers. Compatible with VoIP, data CDR’s, & Radius/AAA. Our complete solution retails for only ?1495, plus ?1295 for the Radius module. We also offer hosted and outsourced service options to mitigate the cost of the investment. More info: http://www.dynasoft.net/telefactura/

* We also offer call termination and rock-bottom rates for callshops (?/min): France @ only 0.01, USA @ 0.009, UK @ 0.01, Morocco @ 0.13. More info: http://www.dynasoft.net/telecom/

* We are also the makers of the leading cyber and games cafe software: Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro and Free. More info: http://www.dynasoft.net/surfshop/

Business Grade VoIP :: Premium Service ::

backed by leading Communications Companies in Australia, managed on one network 24/7, easy to use and suitable for all Internet Connection Types with up to 70 Simultaneous Calls from every account. Calls are carried over a dedicated VoIP network and not just the public Internet like some other VSIP's.

ONE FREE TRIAL -- Month FREE. When you signup for the first time, you will not be charged any money, your first payment will be on the 2nd month of your subscription. This offer is only in conjunction with Residential Pro Plan and Business Plan. Free month offer include an Australian Phone number in any area of your choice and Free Credit for the first month only.

UBIFone - Changes the Way the World Communicates!

The telecommunications sector is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. With deregulation occurring in most countries around the world, competition is resulting in cheaper calls. The use of mobile phones is by far the fastest growing market and phone charges can vary tremendously due to the labor, marketing, maintenance and infrastructure costs of each telecommunication company. If these costs could be stripped out of the equation the actual cost of making a telephone call would be very small. This is what the company UBIfone has done!

The service that UBIfone provides:

# PC to PC communication,

# PC to phone communication,

# Phone to PC communication,

# Phone to phone communication via server.

# UBI Global Number

# VoIP on your mobile (MoVoIP)


... be part of a business


Sign up for UBIFone Global Services at http://www.ubifoneglobal.com
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