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Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

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Wuchuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. is set up in 2002 which is a leading high-tech enterprise in IP Communications in China. ther technologies, including call back, softphone, meeting room, voice messages system, makes our softswitch more economical and practical. Many national companies are using our system as the VOIP carrier.

Our PH802 – special IP Phone for IPPBX, can register 2 SIP systems synchronously and have some functions such as local left-message, record in the call, multiple call transfer, 3-way call etc. Worth mentioning is that PH802 can directly store 10 pieces of extension numbers with the memory keys, and users could judge the restored number is online or not by the colour of the indicator light, the green means it is online, the red means it is offline, the green twinkle means it is busy. It is a great special IP phone. We also provide many IP products for SIP protocol.


As a leading voip manufacturer in China,we are supplying with ip phones ,usb skype phones ,and voice gateway .

We are looking for distributors,welcome to be our partner !

See also : http://www.chinaroby.com


ABACash Launches Innovative VoIP Service

One of the main advantages of ABACash’s new service is the ease and convenience of use: all that users need to know is how to turn on their PC or mobile phone, and how to click a button and select or type in a phone number. No technical knowledge or settings required whatsoever. Other advantages include high quality 24/7 customer support, no monthly, setup or other hidden fees, and last but not least, competitive pricing. Users pay by the second, for the exact time their phone call lasts (no charging by minute as is common among other VoIP companies)!

ABACash VoIP service is especially useful for making long distance and international phone calls because ABACash offers very competitive rates! FREE CALLING! Calls to other ABACash network users are completely free of charge! Customers can start using the ABACash VoIP services immediately by visiting www.ABACash.com.

TELES DNCL Solution Launched in Line with Indian Telecoms Regulatory Authority Recommendations

TELES Launches TRAI “Do Not Call” Registry Recommendations Supporting Solution

TELES, the German fixed and mobile telecoms operator solutions provider, today announced the launch of its TELES solution for “Do Not Call List” (DNCL) blocking in line with recent Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recommendations.

The centralized server-based solution integrates into the operator’s existing infrastructure footprint, automatically blocking calls to DNCL registry members. According to TELES, the solution is the perfect aid to service providers provisioning the corporate and financial services sectors (particularly banks, bank DSAs, telemarketing enterprises, insurance providers and domestic call centres).

The TELES solution is fully in line with the TRAI recommendations and India’s stated intention to set up a fully-fledged National Do Not Call (NDNC) registry. TRAI DNC register guidelines specify that subscribers are obliged only to inform their service provider to enrol in the registry. It is then incumbent upon the operator to register subscriber numbers in a central DNC registry.

It is foreseen that businesses will submit their proposed calling lists to the NDNC registry, where the lists will be “washed” by removing those subscribers listed in the registry. According to the TRAI recommendations, companies who continue to call subscribers who have opted out could face fines of up to US$20 for each call made or have their service disconnected for repeat offending. The TRAI NDNC registry recommendations come as the Indian telephone subscriber based reached the 200 million mark in March, providing telemarketers with unprecedented cold calling sales opportunities.

Announcing the launch of the new TELES DNCL solution, TELES Managing Director Mr Devasia Kurian said: “Our solution integrates into the service providers’ existing telecom infrastructure at the integrated access device (IAD) level, supporting storage of up to one million DNCL numbers. These numbers can then be upgraded subject to requirement. Our DNCL solution allows service providers to meet the needs of corporations and enterprises with DEL, PRI and BRI connectivity. Moreover, the system offers uninterrupted call centre operations connectivity.”

The TELES DNCL solution also supports remote monitoring, online error rectification, traffic analysis and CDR extension details availability.


Shenzhen Atcom Technology limited is one leading manufacturer in the fields of VOIP hardware , the competitive products as IP PHONE , GATEWAY , USB PHONE ,ASTERISK IP PBX TELEPHONY CARDS .From atcom was established in 1998, we have devoted to manufacture the VOIP HARDWARE for 9 years .In the past years ,we cooperated with much more ISPs and international traders , also get much honors from them which depends our products with high quality and reasonable price. For example , During the year of 2004 to 2006 , ATCOM cooperate with many well-known branded companies for the OEM and ODM projects, such as HUAWEI 3com , HARBOURNETWORKS , D-Link , TOPCOM , FUTIRO , PACKET8 and other brands. Meanwhile the Thailand Telecom , Slovenia Telecom, Chile REDVOISS and some telecom carriers in other countries carriers also adopted



No Fees: No Connection Fees, No Setup Fees, No Monthly Fees!

Excellent Quality: Enjoy "Phone-Like" Quality with Globlaiconnect!

Low Rates: Enjoy low rates, all day, every day!

Online Account Management: View calls, payments, and more, online and securely!

Automatic Recharging: Never worry about running out of money!

Customer Support: Industry Leading Customer Support!

No Advertisements: No Annoying Pop-Up Ads!

pay using credit card: Visa - Master card

and as you should know we are Authorize.net verfied.

www.globaliconnect.net , is your one and only for your international calls.

1- go to www.globaliconnect.net

2- Sign UP

3- Login

4- Account recharge

5- Contact [email protected] for area codes you want to call .


7- We offer free IP phones for our customers by the end of the year.



Lowest Cost High Speed Satellite Service in Costa Rica. Individual and Neighbourhood solutions for remote communities throughout Costa Rica. Call now!
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