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Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

found 280 press-releases

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At PBX Authority we have a very clear mission: to deliver exceptional phone systems that save our customers money.

If you're in the market for a new phone system for your business, or you need to add voice/data services and don't know where to turn, please give our highly trained sales team a call today.

Call us today at +1 215-825-8705 or visit us at http://www.pbxauthority.com/


Until today the Voip (voice over Internet Protocol, or simply "internet phone") exists for years, presented gaps which made very slow development of its use. 

  • The difficulty of use

  • The necessary means (routers, servers, adapters etc

  • The, often, poor voice quality

  • The lack of services (spare parts, service, access numbers and services ...)

  • The lack of security.

  • Essentially "The little functionality".

The Voip2 tried and succeeded in bridging these gaps.

  1. Easy work  (you can use without any knowledge of the Internet and simply by dialling numbers as it is always done with the "old telephony)

  2. Does not require any particular apparatus, go very well any phone and also with cellphone

  3. Voice quality even higher to telephony classic

  4. All standard services (service number,number for control balance, remote control voice mail numbers, number for recharge direct whith phone, and in more choice on caller identity, transfer, function do not disturb, sms, callback, access numbers, virtual numbers, worldwide prefix numbers + 883 and much more.

  5. Tool free number(some country)

  6. Send and recive Fax to email.

  7. send and recive sms

  8. High safety standard

  9. A new complete telephony, that works and that totally eliminates the barriers geo and related costs. (call in Thailand or the neighbor makes no difference ...)





Today many ISPs controlled by government are performing blockage of VoIP all over the world, especially in UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Africa. There are several ways to bypass blocking imposed by ISP even in these countries. Many service providers turn into VPN or VoIP Tunnel solution to allow use of VoIP and work around current blocking issue. But they have their own drawback such as high overhead and delay or poor quality when high call capacity. Now an entirely new approach is at your finger and accepts your choice.


Now SpeedVoIP launches VGBundle series for integration with X-Lite, eyebeam, Bria Softphone from Counterpath bypass ISP blocking.


We have done integration anti-blocking software into famous PC dialer, X-Lite, eyeBeam, Bria, welcome to visit our download page: http://www.speed-voip.com/download.html, get free trail now!




VGBundle Setup:


VGBundle for X-Lite:



VGBundle for eyeBeam:





VGBundle for Bria:





VGBundle User Guide:



VGBundle Online Tutorial:




VoiceGuard Products (software and hardware option)


VoiceGuard Communicator (VGCommunicator) – Fully SIP compatible Softphone/Dialer for PC2Phone and PC2PC services;

VoiceGuard Standalone Client Lite (VGSCLite) for Windows – Perform encryption for any brand of Softphone, such as X-Lite;
VoiceGuard Standalone Client (VGSC) for Windows – Perform encryption for any brand of ATA/gateway/adapter, such as Linksys PAP2 and Grandstream adapter;


(New) VoiceGuard Bundle (VGBundle) –Anti-blocking X-Lite, eyebeam, Bria PC softphone/dialer;


VoiceGuard Client SDK (VGSDK) Incorporate voip anti-blocking capability into existing legacy softphone and dialer running on Windows (Softphone/Dialer customization service is also available with VGSDK);


VoiceGuard SPE VoIP Adapter (VGSPE) – VoIP anti-blocking ATA device which is available in 1 - 4 FXS & FXO ports;

VoiceGuard Border Controller (VGBC) – Hardware, support any brand of ATA/Gateway, such as Linksys PAP2;


SpeedVoIP Communication Technology Co.,Ltd

Tel: +86 755 25504959

Fax: +86 755 25336159

MSN: [email protected]

Website: www.speed-voip.com

Email: [email protected]

Skype: svoipsales

Yahoo: [email protected]




VoIP SS7 Development | Develop your Competitive Advantage

Squire Technologies officially opens their Research & Development‚'Squire Labs' to the world's Telecommunications industry.

The engineers of Squire Technologies have been developing unique telecommunication network interconnect solutions for over 20 years. By taking advantage of this unparalleled expertise clients have received efficient, creative and highly specialised solutions developed to their specific needs at a fixed price.

As competition continually increases within the Telecommunications industry companies are focused on new, cost effective ways to differentiate and develop a competitive advantage. Companies often do not have the available resources, the technical ability, nor the time to turn visionary ideas into bespoke development projects. To expedite this process Squire Technologies has now officially opened their Research and Development service 'Squire Labs' to the world's Telecommunications industry.

The level of service available is flexible according to the client's needs. Whether it is idea brainstorming with an expert, feasibility study, execution strategy or custom development; taking the time with professionals makes an idea reality quickly and efficiently.

The key to our efficiency is our experience. Throughout our history we have been collating a 'Solution Module Library'. By combining various modules we are able to greatly shorten the development process, reduce the costs, remove the risk and expediently deliver competitive advantage.

Ensure you get the most out of your innovative ideas. Avoid mistakes, delays and over stretched resources. At Squire Technologies we deliver quick, risk free, professional services.

The world is changing quickly. Ideas make a difference only when they become a reality. Develop your Competitive Advantage before someone else does.

Receive a FREE consultancy session until October 31st 2010 with our Head of R&D and discuss your plans for the future with Squire Technologies.

t: +44 1305 757314
e: [email protected]
w: http://www.squire-technologies.com



VoIP Innovations, a Pittsburgh-based provider of wholesale Voice over Internet Protocol service, will be introducing origination in Puerto Rico and Hawaii this week, giving customers the ability to receive calls, purchase DIDs, and port telephone numbers in two new areas.

VoIP Innovations now offers an origination footprint covering virtually all of the United States and Canada, cementing their position as the top domestic VoIP wholesaler in North America.

"Through our tremendous growth, it has become very clear who we are and who we want to be," said Jason Tapolci, Product Manager at VoIP Innovations. "We are a wholesale Voice over IP provider with an unparalleled aggregation model.  Our goal is to become the premier Voice over IP carrier in North America."

VoIP Innovations plans further growth with service to Alaska later this quarter, making for a complete North American service package. Customers will be able to enjoy a full array of domestic VoIP services from a single wholesale provider, including origination, termination, local and toll-free number porting, and features such as CNAM and T.38 faxing.

About VoIP Innovations: VoIP Innovations is a wholesale provider of U.S. inbound, toll-free and outbound VoIP calling. With nearly 8000 rate centers, VoIP Innovations features one of the nation's largest VoIP networks and also boasts a DID warehouse with more than 110,000 numbers.

SOURCE VoIP Innovations

Read more: VoIP Innovations Launches Origination in Puerto Rico, Hawaii


Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global, integrated media company, has named Mediacore Softswitch by Speedflow winner of the 2010 INTERNET TELEPHONY TMC Labs Innovation Award.

“Choosing the most innovative products and services is always challenging,” – TMC officials say, – “but TMC Labs carefully scrutinized each applicant and came up with the 15 most innovative companies. TMC Labs proudly bestows each of these 15 companies with a TMC Labs Innovation Award.”

"Winners have proven their product or service is truly innovative in the IP Communications industry," said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. "The TMC Labs team takes careful consideration of each application to ensure only the best of the best make this very elite list of Innovation Award winners."

The Mediacore Softswitch received a 2010 TMC Labs Innovation award in honor of the innovations, unique features, and significant contributions toward improving communications technology.

Award winners for the 2010 TMC Labs Innovation Award are highlighted in the July and August 2010 issues of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

emAbout TMC Labs Innovation Awards. The TMC Labs Innovation Awards were implemented to honor products that help to carve a new market niche or start a trend. These awards are bestowed on products that are set apart from their competitors due to one or more unique features./em



Hosted provider chosen by CRN Magazine as a telecom "Heavyweight"

NBS announced today that Everything Channel's CRN Magazine has named their company to its “75 Coolest Telecom Service Providers” list. The list, created by the Everything Channel editorial and research team, focuses on those providers who have been significant players in telecom, changing the game in the channel by meeting the challenges and addressing head-on the trends in unified communications, and in-the-cloud and managed services. The magazine's staff further broke down the list into 3 different categories; the Heavyweights, the Innovators and the Mavericks. NBS was included in the Heavyweights category along with the likes of AT&T, Verizon, Global Crossing, and Qwest.


NBS, which has thousands of commercial and residential customers nationwide, calls itself the "one source" for telecom solutions. The Wayne, NJ company boasts that it provides the "advantages of a large carrier with a wide range of solutions and world-class support, but with the service and attention to detail of a small provider." Company President Russell Markman commented, "If being one of the coolest providers around means that we offer the services our customers want and the support our agents and channel partners need, then we are very happy to accept the honor."


The company, established in 1984, sells a wide range of telecom products and services from multiple carriers, as well as proprietary services offered over their own advanced IP network. To inquire further about their services or about becoming an agent please contact NBS Dealer Support toll free at 1-888-474-4968 or visit them on the web at www.nbsvoice.com.

About Everything Channel

Everything Channel is the premier provider of IT channel-focused events, media, research, consulting, and sales and marketing services. With over 30 years of experience and engagement, Everything Channel has the unmatched channel expertise to execute integrated solutions for technology executives managing partner recruitment, enablement and go-to-market strategy in order to accelerate technology sales. Everything Channel is a UBM company.


About NBS

Founded in 1984, NBS provides a wide variety of voice, data, and internet services to a diverse customer base. NBS interfaces with a large list of major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Covad, XO, Qwest and Level 3. The company has also deployed their Voice over Internet Communications Exchange, a full featured VoIP platform, which provides hosted and SIP trunking services to wholesale, commercial, and residential customers nation-wide. These unique capabilities allow NBS to mix various services from multiple carriers and to provide unified communications and a one-stop-shop approach to all varieties of telecom solutions.

For more information contact:

Michael Salerno, Marketing Director

T: 973-638-2149

For more on NBS go to:


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