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Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

found 280 press-releases

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Viva communications  Pvt Ltd

Viva communications is a converged communication solutions provider for business across the world.Viva is headquartered in the uk with strong presence in india ,Australia and the US.


- International calling minutes

- Leased lines


-Web ip-cctv ( Analog \ Ip )

-Global centrex

-Ip Video/ Audio Confrencing

-Band width

-Virtual Numbers.



SUNIL VJ ( Key Account Manager)

PH NO : 9986494312

EMAIL :[email protected]




Today many ISPs controlled by government are performing blockage of VoIP all over the world, especially in UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Africa. Speedvoip is the professional provider of VoIP anti-blocking (hardware & software), and we have unique Security Solution which helps Wholesaler, ITSP and reseller to bypass VoIP Blockage.Middle East and Africa are VoIP blocking areas. Your customers can use your service in Gulf and Africa by this solution. You can choose the software and hardware freely.

VoiceGuard Products (hardware and software option)


1)   VoiceGuard Standalone Client(VGSC) for Windows – Perform encryption for  any brands of ATA, such as Linksys PAP2.

2)   VoiceGuard Standalone Client Lite(VGSClite) for Windows – Perform encryption for any brands of Softphone, such as X-lite

3)   VoiceGuard Communicator(VGCommunicator) – Fully SIP compatible Softphone/Dialer for PC2Phone and PC2PC services

4)   VoiceGuard Bundle series(VGBundle) - Integration with X-Lite, eyebeam, Bria Softphone from Counterpath bypass ISP blocking.



5)  VoiceGuard SPE VoIP Adapter(VGSPE) – VoIP anti-blocking ATA device which is available in 1 - 4 FXS & FXO ports.

6)   VoiceGuard Border Controller (VGBC) – Hardware, Support any brands of ATA/IP phone/Adapter for existing legacy ATAs, such as Linksys PAP2


Contact Info:


SpeedVoIP Communication Technology Co.,Ltd

MSN: [email protected]

Website: www.speed-voip.com

Email: [email protected]

Skype: svoipsales








Link2Desh is one of the largest voice traffic provider company based in Malaysia. We transmit our calls via only premium quality Tier 1 providers. Due to our sizeable traffic in wholesale minutes, we have some of the best international rates in the industry, and therefore are able to pass these savings to our clients. High ASR is the standard of our system.

Offering all types of routes CLI/non CLI for  A to Z country.

Bangladesh ( white , e-1 ,Gray )








•A to Z

We also provide ..Mobile Dilaer PC2Phone/Device2phone (Linksys PAP2T or PAP2NA) /Call Shop/Solutions-reseller Level I II III available

BD CLI/non CLI (White and Gray ) Crystal Clear Sound Quality 24/7 Hours Customar Support Available Here With Very Low Rate

Contact us For more Information ..

No Fees: No Connection Fees, No Monthly Fees! No Setup Fee...»»
PC2PHONE SERVICE ,Excellent Quality: Enjoy "Like-Phone "...»»
Mobile dialer

e-mail : [email protected]
yahoo id:[email protected]
webside: www.link2desh.net


ABC VoIP is a global provider of VoIP managed services and solutions. It is a Canada-based company and has recently announced a whole new arena of safe VOIP services payment methods for its customers. By using the ABC VoIP you can enter a world of high quality calling over the Internet and that is without any sort of hidden fee or cost.

There are secure and easy to use payment methods when you want to load money to your account:

  • PayPal

  • Moneybookers

  • WebMoney

  • Collective POS

  • Pay by Cash

  • Virtual Merchant

PayPal method is safe, because in order to proceed with the payment process, you need to confirm your identity by entering the confirmation code, sent to your phone via SMS. Also there is additional email verification. PayPal lets you send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account. If you don’t have a PayPal account then you can use other payment option Virtual Merchant, using your credit card.

Virtual Merchant – provides significant benefits. Collective Point of Sale Solutions offers a complete line of merchant Services, Visa, MasterCard, credit card transaction processing and POS terminals.

Moneybookers – online fund transfer service. Moneybookers requires identity verification before using their service and allows customers to send, receive and hold funds worldwide. Additional verification steps raise the maximum amount transferable and ensure the

WebMoney   – it is a multifunctional payment system and comprehensive tool which provides secure and immediate transactions for online business activities. WebMoney Transfer guarantees valid data for each registered Merchant. All transactions in the System are immediate and nonrefundable. WebMoney provides you with various tools free of charge to assist in performing operations and transactions within the System.

Collective Point of Sale Solutions POS – offers a complete line of merchant services, Visa, MasterCard and merchant accounts, debit and credit card transaction processing and POS terminals. Also it secures point of sales solutions debit and credit transaction processing. POS carries only the highest quality POS hardware with a proven track record for security and reliability.

Pay By Cash – is the payment method in order to accept your payments and transfer them to your account on ABC VoIP.

All payment options give you 100% protection from unauthorized payments and help to minimize fraud and prevent money laundering. We are interested to use the payment types which can save you money and are delighted to provide cost-effective service that works hard for our customers’ needs.


9350 Yonge St, PO Box: 61531
Richmond Hill, ONTARIO

Phone: (1416) 800-9265 Email: [email protected]  web: http://www.abc-voip.com/



TalkTT.com offers DID phone numbers from over 60+ countries at very low monthly rate. You can buy DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing Number) for your SIP adapter/softphone/mobile or do call forwarding to your existing landline or cellphone.

You also can activate Voice mail box for your DID numbers for free, then you won't miss any calls. Whenever you receive one voice mail, we will send you one email to inform you.



With more than 25 years of experience backing the company, Sahar Services is a premier organization engaged in providing networking solutions to many small and large businesses. The organization is especially renowned for the high quality voice solutions it offers the clients. The customers can now avail the services of the company to improve or simply get VoIP phone systems. Similarly, the clients can also benefit from the expertise the organization holds in installing the most technologically advanced SIP trunking systems.

The personnel employed by Sahar Services hold expertise in all aspects of their respective lines of work and carry out the tasks efficiently, thereby providing the clients best-in-class services. The structured cabling installed by the company is also considered at par with that commissioned by other leading firms. The company also guides the clients in selecting the most suitable equipment for the requirements of their businesses. The team members are proficient in designing the circuits for and installing the devices chosen by the clients.

The VoIP phone systems and related solutions being offered by Sahar Services are very innovative and already touted to set industry trends in the coming days. Through these solutions, the clients can even save upon the cost of equipment if they already possess PBX systems or SIP-enabled telephone systems. The professionals specialize in providing the SIP trunking features through the aforementioned equipment, due to which the clients can have better voice-based communication and still save considerable amount of money.

Another unique service, apart from SIP trunking service, rendered by Sahar Services is the Hosted PBX solution, through which small organizations and enterprises can enjoy the most effective & productive calling features that have benefited the conventionally large companies. This service has extreme potential and has been accepted by one and all very well. The functionality of these systems is credible and substantial, and the organizations using them are completely satisfied by the performance being delivered by the system.  

In order to test the operational feasibility, quality of performance, service life and maintenance of the systems being installed by Sahar Services, the organization is taking all necessary measures. The team of experts, who are counted among the best throughout the industry, conducts various tests and evaluates the viability of the VoIP phone systems in the facility of the clients. The solutions offered by the company are completely compatible with the premises of most private companies, residential buildings and industrialized belts.

The structured cables used in operations are best-in-class and can easily endure all types of operating conditions. In case the need to relocate arises, the systems can easily be de-installed and commissioned at the new premises, without any loss of quality or time. The voice systems always deliver quality in terms of performance and do not deteriorate it even after years of usage.

Some of the prominent organizations that have benefited from this service include Uptown Realty (Alberta) Ltd., Clay Oven, ABCO Maintenance Systems Inc., Advance Cab Co., Ramsey & Associates Co. Ltd., among many others. The support of such organizations have solidified the belief of the company in its abilities and motivated it to assist other organizations in bringing down their telecommunication expenses.To know more visit @ http://www.saharservices.com/



iBurst is a leading provider of Internet Service (ISP) and IP Voice Solutions within Africa. By providing a dedicated voice service iBurst enables customers to benefit from high quality, inexpensive calls over IP from both landline and mobile phones.

iBurst required an upgrade to unify their core network while providing SS7 to VoIP, specifically SIP & G729. This would ensure the company would meet the growing communication needs of their customers while simultaneously reducing costs for future expansion.

"When investigating the market Squire Technologies came highly recommended. Their products, price, expertise and customer service was exactly what we were looking for." says Mr Nazeer Adam Project Manager at iBurst,"I was impressed with their offering and their transparency. We discussed enhancing our existing network infrastructure with a Squire Technologies Media Gateway Controller (SVI-MGC), however we found the long term strategic advantage of a single vendor solution provided through the Media Gateway (SVI-MG) far more compelling. It has been an absolute pleasure working together with the Squire Technologies technical team. They were professional and efficient with a phenomenal turnaround time."

By implementing the Squire Technologies Media Gateway Solution, iBurst was able to significantly reduce power consumption, physical footprint, increase network stability and, with off-site dual redundancy, the assurance that customers experience 100% uptime. Managerial time was also greatly reduced by consolidating to one management system, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

Sanjeev Verma, Squire Technologies Regional Sales Director commented"With their sights set on the future, iBurst also saw great advantage in the scalability that the Squire Technologies Media Gateway offers. They have a strong vision for the future and as iBurst grows our products will grow with them. We strive to be completely transparent with clients, by engaging with them to identify the best possible network solutions. Squire Technologies products and services are continually being developed to ensure we support our customers growth." 

With the end-user as the priority iBurst has ensured they invested in a product and a company that provides the technical expertise, strong Return On Investment (ROI) and a relationship that will support them into the future.

 Squire Technologies

Squire Technologies provides leading edge NGN and TDM telecommunication products and solutions with world-class installation and support services to deliver carrier grade products worldwide. Supporting high availability, scalability and fully featured management system, catering for both small interconnect up to large international points of presence.

Discuss your plans for the future with an expert at Squire Technologies now.

Contact:Sanjeev Verma
Sales & Account Management
T: +44 1305 757314

E: [email protected]

W: www.squire-technologies.com


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