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Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

found 280 press-releases

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A1 Networks Pte Ltd is one name who can do business with trust. A1 Networks Pte Ltd Offers Dedicated Server| Dedicated Voip Server | Voip Server Company| A-Z Termination | VoIP Softswitch |Reseller | Softswitch | VoIP Offers Mobile Dialer | Mobile Dialer Reseller | A-Z Termination | VoIP Softswitch |Reseller | DID Numbers.A-Z termination services, implementing of PSTN & multiplatform networks, retail & reseller solutions for VOIP services and providing P2P network connectivity over International Private Leased Circuit [IPLC]. A1 Networks Pte Ltd is best voip company in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Kuwait, UAE, KSA, USA, UK, Sudan, South Africa, Iraq, Iran, Qatar and Many Middlest, Western Country. We provide all voip services and product. A1 Networks Pte Ltd Provide 100% dedicated server with switch licence version. Pakistan ip block solution available, Pakistan device configure without any blocking and server rent for call service available.


A1 Networks Pte Ltd leading a new approach for dedicated hosting services. We provide you with a branded dedicated server with a generic specification without confusing you regarding adding RAM, HDD, or any other component.

There is no limit set for a data center, it can be a huge or small, it doesnt matter except the latest technologies. we give rent all type of softswitch and all software about voip platfrom, Best Softswitch rental company


Most of the huge organizations requires a data centers, but not all of them needs to setup their own data center. There are many world class data centers available for renting. You may rent a data center for storing your servers it will decrease your cost.



We at Maximtel offer introductionary offer to our subscribers for wholesale termination. we have dedicated technical and sales team to support 24/7.

We provide CLI, Premium routes to most of the countries which we have best price offer.


ZONE is a licensed telecom operator in HK to offer HK DID via SIP trunk.  One monthly fee includes a HK number with unlimited calls from and to HK.  

It works with Asterisk-based PBX and also Microsoft Lync.





SMART NETWORK SOLUTIONS is an IP Solutions integrator and a value-added distributor for USA and Latin America with local offices in Miami, Mexico and Colombia.


SMART NETWORK SOLUTIONS provides products in the IP Telephony market as Video Conference Devices, IP/GSM/SS7 Gateways, Softswitches, Contact Center Systems, IP PBX, and the best solutions services like Smart K3 (Hosted VideoConference), Hosted SS7 Signaling and Softswitch. Also provide services like technical support, training and consulting services for projects and implementations as a Turn Key Solutions provider.

 Our partners

- LifeSize

- Quintum

- Avaya

- Oracle

- Yealink

- Acme Packet

- Tecno Bridges

- Xorcom

- IQ Sim

- Polycom

- Snom

- Grandstream

- VoipSwitch

- Porta One

- Cisco

- Asterisk

- Vtech

- Sangoma

- Digium

- Yeastar

- Tecnovoz

- AudioCodes

- Fortinet

- Loquendo.





5201 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 800 Miami, FL 33126 - USA

Skype: sandrava2007


USA: Tel + 1 305 2694142 Cel +1 786 282 6569

COLOMBIA: Bogotá +57 1 3819400 Ext 101 - Cali +57 2 6207075 Ext 101

MEXICO: +52 55 4170 8877 Ext 101

PERU: +51 1 7185105 Ext 101






Woodzeks Systems Konsult Limited an ICT firm based in Nigeria have successfully deployed IP PBX VoIP telephony for Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). This system helps staff of NCAA to efficiently communicate and collaborate in real time at no cost. 



IXC, Ukraine

IXC is a Ukrainian developer of routing and billing solutions for all types of VoIP business. We’ve been working on VoIP market since 1999 and during this time we’ve implemented over 300 projects for our customers located in 34 countries. IXC Softswitch and billing solution serves as a reliable and stable platform for rendering VoIP services, starting form wholesale/termination, retail, calling cards and ending PC2Phone services and building corporate VoIP network. 

Since December 2012, new IXC Softswitch v.5 has undergone major changes and a growth from version 5.2 to version 5.4.1. IXC team has made huge improvements in IXC Softswitch since version  5.2 so that the system could respond to the major trends in changing VoIP market.

We’ve collected feedbacks from our customers and implemented a lot of necessary enhancements related to the web interface and core subsystem.

First of all, the new SIP-subsystem, that allows to parse SIP messages more quickly and it means your SS will be faster at core level.

Secondly, web optimization and fixing. This is related to new menus, comment fields for financial departments, multiple selections when you want to delete a lot of items, reports improvements.

IXC Autotester utility enables testing destinations in automated mode scheduled at any time. Once the testing is completed, you will receive a call test report  directly to the specified  e-mail.  IXC Autotester module supports now up to 100 calls. It is the vital feature if you want to test your terminators. You will see real ACD, ASR and PDD.

IXC Price Genarator helps you create Platinum, Gold, Premium or Standard prices. Just select terminators and you will see your own price for your originators (customers).

With default route rules you will never face financial loss, however  there is a possibility to enable calls without profit anytime and for any originator if there is specific reason for that.

Balance report show you customers’ balances, invoices, unpaid invoices and bills. You have amazing financial tool directly in your web..

Active calls monitoring allows seeing all calls online in real time mode. IXC Active calls feature has color visualization and it highlights hung calls (yellow) and long calls (red) for easy tracking. You can see the profit even from one call online.

IXC is working to make IXC Softswitch more user-friendly and flexible so that it could meet any requirements of any new customer.  Since we are the developing team, we can customize our system to specific needs.  You can always try version 5.4.1 performance by getting demo access from our sales department.



Now there is a way for everyone to call from any place in the world at a price of a local call

Think global, be local
A virtual phone number is a number that forwards incoming calls to any other phone number. For example, a company physically located in Russia actually works in the USA, using local American number. Also, virtual numbers are very popular among people who move to live abroad, giving an opportunity for their relatives to contact them using a local number, a number located in a specific area code.

Main advantages of DID numbers
The advantage of local DID numbers is the ability to call at local prices, not paying extra charges. Moreover, automatic call forwarding allows to forward your incoming calls to any other phone number of the world, i.e. landline, mobile etc. Modern telephonic systems also help to receive fax via your e-mail. Therefore, you do not spend money on paper and toner, but get your faxes into e-mail inbox. For sure, tourists and travellers will also celebrate the ability to keep in touch with their dearest and nearest any time thanks to DID numbers. Good news for entrepreneurs as now they can involve clients from different cities and countries, economizing time and means.

What we offer
If you order a DID number in our company, you get a high quality connection at low costs without any additional payments. We offer wide range of numbers belonging to different cities and countries, solving connectional problems. When you call to a virtual number, your call is redirected to a landline number, mobile, SIP-device or Gtalk. Redirection to SIP-device or Gtalk is free of charge.

What you get
Virtual numbers enable not only cheap international calls, but also guarantee high quality and privacy, ensured by the communicational protection system. You will always be on call with your business partners and friends.

Make your life easier and discover a world of unlimited calls with lower costs wherever you are. Contact us and enjoy the advantages of direct virtual numbers.



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